Hey guys,

Would just like to start of by thanking everyone who came to our AGM meeting at start of the month. I would also like to thank the 2014 committee for the awesome job they have done over the past year and all their hard work!

The new committee has been chosen and best of luck to them!

President: Rowan Cox

Vice President: Jamie Gardner

Secretary: Tim Wareing

Patron:  Max Olsen

Treasurers: Meg Buddle, Eva Duncan

Gear Officers: Frazer Atrill,  Jeremy Metherell

Climbing Officer: James Waetford

Membership/Web Officer:Christopher Greenan

Social Officers: Tanja de Wilde, Shamini Mahadevan

Environmental Officer: Henry Ritchie

Transport Officer: Jacob Schonberger

Training Officer: Anna Murdoch

Antics Editor: Lochiel McKellar, Ella Borrie

Safety Officer: Penzy Dinsdale

General Exec: Anton Jackson-Smith, Camilla Kruize,  Sara Boucher

– Chris

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