Paradise Trip – What it’s about and how to go

Our first trip of the year is next weekend (3rd – 5th March) to the amazing location that is Paradise (yes, this is the actual name). If you want to come you must attend the pre-meeting on Tuesday 28th at 7PM in BURNS 2 LECTURE THEATRE. The trip will cost $60 and you must bring this to the premeet as we take payment on the night so we can organise food etc. The pre-meeting will involve information explaining what equipment you will need for the weekend and what trips are available (there is a range of easy, medium and hard trips), as well as a discussion with your group leaders to what kind of food you want to cook for the contest on Saturday night.


Quick overview of the Paradise Trip:

  • Meeting at Clubs and Societies at 5.30pm on Friday (3rd of March) and travelling to Paradise via Bus/Vans (approx 5hrs travelling).
  • Staying at Lake Sylvan Campsite
  • Easy, Medium and Hard day walks going out on Saturday
  • Some activities Saturday night
  • On Sunday take part in our river-crossing training then have a swim in Lake Sylvan or go rock climbing
  • Depart the campsite for Dunedin at approx 1pm on Sunday

There will be a lot more information at the premeet.

If you know of anyone who isn’t a member of the club but wants to come to Paradise, tell them that they MUST sign up at the Club Meeting (Tuesday, 5-6pm, OUSA building, Albany St) prior to the pre-meet at 7pm.

Regarding river-crossing, if you do it on Paradise you are not required to come out to the course we’ll be running on the 9th of March to attend Fiordland. We’ll send out a email next week regarding signing up for that course.

I look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday, or better yet, at Paradise!


Lottie Armstrong

OUTC President


Paradise Group 2015. Photo: Luke Gardener

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