So you've made it as far as coming to the website to look for help writing something for Antics. You have already come too far to turn back now and waste all that effort. The start of any good submission, like any work of art is to have a good subject. Now don't let this be misconstrued as meaning you have to have climbed by some mountain walking backwards wearing a kilt (although that would be an entertaining read), it just means you need some kernel to base your submission around. Some of the most boring trips can be fruitful territory for entertaining rants and bitch sessions. The trick is to write a story from your point of view, who was pissing you off? how was morale? what romantic tension was there in the group? who left the cooker at home? These elements make for interesting reading. Don't be afraid to embellish things, as long as you stick to the kernel of truth behind it all. That all being said, below you will find a list of a few other ideas and hints which I, the anonymous author of this never visited webpage, think might come in handy.

  • Instead of typing up a story, draw it in comic form

  • Write a haiku

  • Imagine you are a piece of gear, a Hirepool van, or even Jacob the bus driver and write from that perspective

  • Don't be afraid of nudity

  • Write your story on Sunday or Monday, that way you will remember all the quotes

  • Alternatively, take a little notebook and jot down all the interesting happenings

  • Take costumes

  • Give everyone nicknames

  • Get helicoptered out of somewhere

  • Have a vehicular malfunction

  • Just do something silly

This all being said submissions can be anything, an article, trip report, drawing, photo, poem, quiz, crossword, riddle, recipe - the editors are always desperate.​ Below is a rough guide to what a submission email should look like (if you want happy Antics editors). There is no 'word limit' or minimum, but for an overnighter anywhere between 500 - 1500 words is pretty standard. Email the text and the images to, and include a word document with the photos to help with placement and be sure to add a title and optional subtitle for your article. You can find plenty of examples of articles in the online Antics archive.



Kia ora,

I have attached my submission for Antics. The title is "Who Forgot the Cooker?", and the subtitle [optional] is 'A terrifying night spent cuddling Hamish, what more could you want?'

1.jpg : Campsite by the lake [Sam Harrison].
2.jpg : Looking out over the Routeburn [Joshua Donn].