In addition to walking, running and climbing our way through the New Zealand wilderness most weekends the club runs a range of social events during the week including Happy Hour, Wednesday Night Rock Climbing and Thursday trail runs. Alongside this there is always a daytrip, potluck or party in the works!


The OUTC is run by a group of students who are passionate about exploring and conserving Aotearoa's rugged outdoor playground. Since the club was founded in 1927 it has strongly encouraged people to get out amongst NZ's great network of huts, tracks and bushbashing opportunities.


Ever since a miserable trip in the 70's where the cooker was forgotten, it rained all 13 days, and two of the party had to be rescued, planning has been of paramount importance to the club. Members are welcome to plan and organize their own trips but are encouraged to consult experienced club members for advice on trip plans to ensure safe & enjoyable trips (and keep ourselves in the good graces of the NZ Search & Rescue). If you have never really been tramping before we highly recommend you check out the "Guide to NZ Tramping" page. If you are interested in organizing trips, check out our leaders guide.


Chances to upskill

If you’re looking to upskill OUTC offers a variety of instructional courses run by experienced club members such as Bushcraft, Rockcraft and Snowcraft. We run a couple of larger trips throughout the year including Paradise, Fiordland, Bushball and Copland. These trips are not only a great chance to meet other trampers but also provide chances to push yourself to do new things!


Club to socialize

If you simply want to drink beer on a weekday, moan about midterms, plan trips and spin yarns with some like minded people, come to happy hour at The Bog on Tuesdays at 6! If you have questions or want to hear more about the club feel free to flick us an email or drop in to a club gear hour held every Tuesday 5-6pm and Friday 12:30-1:30pm in the club gear room (inside the Clubs and Socs building on Albany St). Bushball is the crown in the tramping social calendar, don't miss it!


2022 Committee

The club is run by a committee of keen trampers, elected every year by the membership.

Weekly events

Tuesday meeting

5pm -  6pm - In the gear room at OUSA.

Happy Hour

Every Tuesday at 6pm down at The Bog. Free chips and marginal chat!

Tuesday Trail running

Meets every Tuesday for a different trail, ending at the Bog. All welcome! More info on the Facebook page.

Thursday Rock climbing

Meets outside OUSA every Wednesday at 5:15pm. Feel free to rock up! More info on the Facebook Group.

Friday meeting

12:30pm -  1:30pm - In the gear room at OUSA.

OUTC is one of the largest and most active clubs on campus. Aside from tramping (hiking) we’re also the club to join if you’re into rock climbing, trail running, daywalking, aquanauting and just having a good time!