The club is run by a committee of keen trampers, elected every year by the membership.

  • Cameron Wright


    Cameron Wright

  • Poppy Mitchell


    Poppy Mitchell

  • Ella Fookes


    Ella Fookes

  • Cara-Lisa Schloots


    Cara-Lisa Schloots

  • Shar Mathias


    Shar Mathias

  • Emma Crampton


    Emma Crampton

  • Conor Vaessen

    Safety Officer

    Conor Vaessen

  • Katie Fenton

    Gear Officer

    Katie Fenton

  • Ngaio Fulton

    Gear Officer

    Ngaio Fulton

  • Amirah Osama

    Environmental Officer

    Amirah Osama

  • Rowan Mccomish

    Trips Officer

    Rowan Mccomish

  • Keegan Wells

    Social Officer

    Keegan Wells

  • Finella O'Leary

    Social Officer

    Finella O'Leary

  • Jacob Schonberger

    Official Club Driver

    Jacob Schonberger

  • Samantha Kirkness

    Antics Editor

    Samantha Kirkness

  • Thomas Stuart

    Antics Editor

    Thomas Stuart

  • Anita Bentley

    Climbing Officer

    Anita Bentley

  • Phoebe Fulton

    Climbing Officer

    Phoebe Fulton

  • Thomas Hadley

    Trail Running Officer

    Thomas Hadley

  • Eugene Yeo

    Caving Officer

    Eugene Yeo

  • Matthew Hopkins

    Caving Officer

    Matthew Hopkins

  • Anna Swanney

    Media Officer

    Anna Swanney

  • Maddy Whittaker

    Alpine Officer

    Maddy Whittaker

  • Aidan Braid

    Transport Officer

    Aidan Braid

  • [Vacant]

    Fresher Representative


  • Nicholas McDermott

    General Member

    Nicholas McDermott

  • Riley Smith

    General Member

    Riley Smith

  • Will Henderson-Biss

    General Member

    Will Henderson-Biss

  • Samantha Ashley

    General Member

    Samantha Ashley

  • Kathy Shaw

    General Member

    Kathy Shaw

Want to contact us? Flick an email to President@outc.org.nz

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Meetings every Tuesday 5:00-6pm or Friday 12:30-1:30pm in the Gear-room

Come find some tramping/climbing friends at Happy Hour, 6pm every Tuesday at The Bog