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You Don't have to be a Gun or Organized

''We didn’t climb any new routes or many old ones either'' Quote Rex McDonald Moraine Creek Hut Book. For many years evil stories were circulated around the Bivouac about the mysterious place called the Te Puoho where nearly all the "guns” went at some stage or other to play Moddy Boys. And it came about one day when my ego was inflated by many jugs of amber fluid that I mentioned to an equally inflated Lew that there was an easy way into the Te Puoho. He agreed – “All you have to do is climb Revelation with a 60lb pack and you're there". Then some time later I let slip at the Bivouac that I was thinking of going there. At this the wily Jones immediately pounced saying “I was thinking of goi

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Meetings every Tuesday 5:00-6pm or Friday 12:30-1:30pm in the Gear-room

Come find some tramping/climbing friends at Happy Hour, 6pm every Tuesday at The Bog