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Blue to Cream Gradient


What I've learnt about OUTC in 8 months

I spent 8 months in Dunedin (except for the week-ends). trying to get on the craziest and stupidest trips organized by OUTC. That means that I ended up with the stupidest trip leaders, namely Adrian, Danilo, and Kelvin. I have therefore acquired precious knowledge of these dangerous men. Beware of Adrian! In town he goes around dressed in a long smart black duffle coat, pretends to be calm and moderate. and you can hardly see the crazy look in his eyes. However. during moon-lit week-ends he is a different man. If he gets hold of a steering wheel, whether it is that of his boat or of a van, don't panic. Hold on firmly. Close your eyes if you need. You will survive, although probably covered

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Meetings every Tuesday 5:00-6pm or Friday 12:30-1:30pm in the Gear-room

Come find some tramping/climbing friends at Happy Hour, 6pm every Tuesday at The Bog