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Muesli Mag - Semester 2 2017

Wed 12th July – OUSAs Clubs and Societies Day – 10am-3pm. ​ Fri 14th July – First tramping club meeting – 12.30-1.30pm, Otago Room, Clubs and Societies building, Albany St. ​ Tues 18th July – Second Tramping Club meeting – 5-6pm, Otago Room, Clubs and Socs Building. Meetings will continue every Tuesday and Friday until the end of Semester (meetings are not compulsory, they’re for people to sign up, rent gear or come have a chat to us). ​ Tues 18th July – Bushball pre-meet 7pm, Burns 2 Lecture Theatre. You must go to this meeting to go on Bushball. ​ Wed 19th July 6-8pm – Bivouac Outdoor Gear Buy Night. Meet at Bivouac Outdoor on George St (just north of the Octagon), and make sure to bring

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Meetings every Tuesday 5:00-6pm or Friday 12:30-1:30pm in the Gear-room

Come find some tramping/climbing friends at Happy Hour, 6pm every Tuesday at The Bog