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Fiordland '18

Fiordland was a blast with beautiful weather for Saturday. Everyone had a great time, even when someone forgot a cooker or when someone thought it would be fun to sleep on a rock slab! OUTC OUTC OUTC

Trail Running - Fiordland

Picture this, it’s Saturday morning of the much anticipated OUTC Fiordland trip. A collective unwillingness to get out of sleeping bags and into the cool morning air gradually gives way to a buzz of excitement. Half-awake souls make their way through the maze of tents and tent-flies, crunching the frosty grass of the campsite. Myself and three others of our running group managed to tent close together. However, our last member (let’s call her Katie, as that is her name) is nowhere to be seen. I kindly dispatched my fellow co-leader, Joe, to go and make breakfast (I’m good at this whole delegation thing). While the rest of us (Salomon, Justin and myself) either packed for the days run or went

Fiordland 2018 Premeet

Greetings keen trampers It's time to start thinking about our next club trip. We are heading down to Fiordland on the 16th - 18th March. It will be a wonderfully fun weekend so grab you pack liner and put it inside your pack and come along. In order to come along, you must come to the pre-meet on Tuesday 13th at 7pm in Burns 1 lecture theatre (in the arts building). At the pre-meet all the available trips will be explained and there will be a presentation about what to bring. Trip will cost $65, you need to be a member to come on the trip. So if you haven't signed up yet to the club come along to the pre-meet and do it there. You NEED $65 cash to pay on Tuesday night to secure your place

TWALK 2018 Sign Ups

The event you've all been waiting for! Who wouldn't want to run around for 24 hours getting lost and feeling tired? The Canterbury University Tramping Club runs an amazing event called TWALK every year. This year's TWALK will be from the 27th till the 29th of April, save the date! Whether you are a mountain goat or just keen to dress up as a toilet* this is the event for you. OUTC has a bus load of teams reserved, but this will disappear quick so don't delay. You can either sign up individually or with a team (6 - 8 people), the form is self-explanatory. Entry cost is $65 and there will be an additional cost for transport to be arranged. (You must also be an OUTC member to come with us). Sig

Paradise '18

Paradise 2018 was a success! Everyone had an awesome time even if the weather was a tad wet. There will sure be a good few stories for Antics, bring on Fiordland! #Paradise #Photos

River Crossing Training 2018

**Reminder: River Crossing Training is this Wednesday (7th) at 5:30pm!** The river crossing training is compulsory for those wanting to go on our Fiordland Trip and is also a necessary skill to have if you want to go tramping in NZ. An email was sent out to all members today to sign up for the course and all the details are on that email. Any questions, feel free to email me ( OUTC Training and Safety Officer

Lake Wilson - Paradise

We always aimed to make it to the lake. Whether this would actually happen remained at the mercy of the weather, our fitness and my sense of direction (bearing in mind that it’s about as accurate as Happy Feet the emperor penguin’s (RIP)). After a solid 3 hours sleep we were up and ready to go. Little did we know these precious 5am moments would be the last time we’d be dry for the next 12 hours. We began our walk at the same time as the Xenicus and Erebus groups, starting at the beginning of the Routeburn track (east). With only the head-torch illuminated path ahead and the rain muffling most sound, there was an eerie sense that we were walking into a black void from which we might never re

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