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Blue to Cream Gradient


An Excellent Cluster Fuck of a Trip

Turning 18 has different perks for different people. For me, the biggest perk came less than 24 hours into adulthood, when I could legally enter the Bog for the planning of what would become one heck of a cluster. Rowan, Hamish, Liam, Cam, Aidan, Luca, Lachie and I crowded around a little Aspiring Region guide book - a great trip was definitely brewing. The plan was to all head over to the West Matukituki where we would split up into two groups: Mt. Barff Crew: Maddy Whittaker, Aidan Braid, Luca Karjalainen, Jason Chua, Lachie Watson - and Torea Scott-Fyfe joining us on Saturday. Plan: Friday: walk up to Liverpool Hut, Saturday: climb Mt. Barff, walk to French Ridge Hut to meet the Aspiring

Icebergs, Gorillas and a Nun; in that order.

Paddling through icebergs, an ‘interesting valley walk’ and a cock-blocking avalanche stopping us from getting to the Nun’s Nipple. I wasn’t even meant to go tramping this weekend. I spent Saturday morning working from home, slowly giving up hope of getting out for the weekend. I sent out a half-hearted email to the list in the vain hope someone had something exciting planned. The only response I received was an invite from Cara, the American who I had handed a life jacket in the gear room a few days prior for her planned trip to the Nuns Veil by Mt Cook. I ummed and arred for an hour or two, weighing up missing class on Monday to frolicking in the snow. You’ll never guess what I choose. So

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