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Blue to Cream Gradient


Mt Brown Hut (More like 'Steep as Fuck Hut')

Hands down one of my favorite days on our roadtrip post semester, with the OG trash squad: Prina, George, Nati and myself. We added this hike to our itinerary since we saw someone post an amazing photo on Instagram (thx Billy). We had to get up early in order to assure our bunks at this remote hut, since it works as a first-come first-serve and we couldn’t be bothered to do it as a day hike. Arrived at the track, we are welcomed by some weirdly looking chickens, that we then learnt by a fellow kiwi at the summit, are called “wekas”. We have all our snax as well as our delicious “ramen” (instant noodle soup) ready, and finally start the hike. The beginning was quite enjoyable, felt like walki

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