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OUTC at Level 2

Hey team! What a crazy semester it's been! As we start to wind up semester one and head into exams, it's exciting to see gatherings of 100 people are permitted from the end of this week. So what does all this mean for OUTC going forward: - as we are nearing exams, things for sem 1 are mostly wrapping up anyway. There may be the odd small trip going out, but our big club events will resume in semester 2. These include bushball, snowcraft, copland etc - happy hour will resume in semester 2 - trail running has resumed, and climbing as a club can also happen. Keep an eye on the respective facebook groups for updates on these - Gear hours will not properly resume until sem 2. If you have gear o

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Meetings every Tuesday 5:00-6pm or Friday 12:30-1:30pm in the Gear-room

Come find some tramping/climbing friends at Happy Hour, 6pm every Tuesday at The Bog