Signing up is easy! You can join up online or at any club meeting. Membership is $20 for one semester, $25 for a year.


Why join the OUTC?

The tramping club is a special organization, based around a fantastic pass time. The club is run by passionate students with the goal of not only enjoying NZ's backcountry (in sometimes unique ways), but also protecting it. The club runs some trips and helps facilitate many others, offering free gear hire for members. This means the club is worth joining by people of all levels of skill and experience, so don't be afraid! It is also a great place to meet people from across the University and the world, with many bonds formed by members during years in the club lasting long after their studies have finished. So don't hesitate, sign up!

Frequently asked questions


How much is membership and what do I get?

Membership is $20 for one semester, or $25 for the a whole year. This pays for free gear hire, a copy of our yearbook Antics and 15% off at our sponsor gear shop, Bivouac Outdoor (near the Octagon end of George St). From time to time the OUTC exec will also donate a small proportion of this membership fee to projects that will enhance the facilities or the environment that we are so lucky to tramp in.


How do I hire gear?

Go check our gear hire page for more info.

How often are there trips?

The club is aimed at facilitating tramping and other outdoor activity, rather than organising trips for you to go on per se. We do this in a number of ways:

  • By giving you access to the club email list, where individuals from the club can organise a trip away and then invite other club members to join them. There is usually a trip happening every weekend. Every club member is allowed to send emails to this list.

  • By allowing the use of club gear, free of charge (a cash deposit is required however).  The club does not lend out personal items such as sleeping bags, raincoats and boots, but does have other gear such as cookers, PLBs, crampons, ice axes etc.

  • By giving you contact with other experienced trampers (through club drop in times, happy hour, and the email list) who may be able to give you advice on certain trips/areas and skills.


This being said, there are a number of club organised trips which usually occur every year including (but not limited to) Paradise, Fiordland, Copland, Makarora and Bushball.


How fit do you need to be to go tramping?

There are trips to suit all fitness levels.  If you are unsure how hard a trip will be, come and talk to someone who is more experienced, either at happy hour or the club drop in times. It's always worth getting advice.


What will I need?

For every trip, you’ll need some of your own equipment: walking boots, a pack (65L or more), a sleeping bag, a waterproof jacket, and warm clothing (no cotton). It is a good investment to own this essential gear, but we have some packs for hire and sleeping bags + packs can be rented from Unipol at the Forsyth Barr stadium near campus. You can find a gear list in the "Guide to NZ tramping" section.

Further questions?

Either email the president at or flick the Facebook page a message.