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Meetings every Tuesday 5:00-6pm or Friday 12:30-1:30pm in the Gear-room

Come find some tramping/climbing friends at Happy Hour, 6pm every Tuesday at The Bog

Mar 17





It’s the first trip in the OUTC calendar, usually the weekend after the end of O-Week. Once known as Freshers, the trip where budding young punters were put to the test, the beginning of a long road towards evolving into an old crusty. Nowadays the trip is known simply as Paradise, an unoriginal name stolen from a street sign a few kilometres from the camp site. Where once we had young punters in stubbies, the ranks are now filled with totting internationals, interspersed with a few keen kiwis to keep everyone sane.


Trips explore the area around Glenorchy, to places such as Lake Wilson, Turret Ridge, Sugarloaf Pass, Mt Xenicus and the Routeburn.


Check out the Muesli Mag for more info.

New Posts
  • Snowcraft is an annual highlight in the club’s calendar and in recent years been the main tool for getting Kiwi’s more involved in the club. Of course, half of these newly minted snow punters will never step foot in crampons again. But those that do will follow in the footsteps of the long line of mountain nuts whose passion for peaks have been fostered and multiplied during their years in the club. Snowcraft is run in second semester and is almost exclusively limited to those who will be in the club for 1+ years. For more info check out the semester two Muesli Mag.
  • The hot pools at Welcome Flat have long been a favourite destination of Scarfies sick of their freezing Dunedin flats. The number of Copland stories in Antics is testimate to that. In 2016 the club ran the first official club trip up the Copland valley for several years. In 2017 this was stepped up a notch by taking a bus instead of vans. The shenanigans from that year (read about them in Antics 2017 if that ever comes out) were legendary and prompted an annual sequal. Copland is usually run over the mid-semester break in the second semester. The trip lasts for four to five days and includes a bus tour up the West Coast. For more information check out the semester two Muesli Mag.
  • My best research places the first Bushball as being held on the 22nd of June, 1974. 44 years later there might have been a few less sideburns but otherwise it was the same deal - a bloody good party at Aspiring Hut. It’s the pinnacle of the club’s social calendar. Bushball is usually held near the beginning of second semester. For more information check out the semester two Muesli Mag.