Gear List

No personal gear is available to be borrowed from OUTC. Some can be rented from Unipol.

For every trip, you will need a few big things:

– A pack, 60 litres or more.

– A good, warm sleeping bag. Should be at least three seasons, especially if you are tramping in winter. Both synthetic and down are satisfactory

– A waterproof jacket. Not showerproof. Waterproof and breathable fabrics are ideal, PVC is great as long as the seams are sealed

– Good boots, the sort that give ankle support. Doc Martens aren’t boots. Ask your trip leader if you are unsure about whether your footwear will be appropriate

– Warm clothes. You’ll need:

  • Skin tight polypropylene or woollen thermals. Upper and lower layers essential, for sandfly protection if nothing else. Take at least one pair, preferably, and in some cases crucially, two pairs.
  • One or two thin tops of fleece or wool, to wear around the campsite and possibly on the move
  • A thick warm jersey, bush shirt, swanndri, or down jacket. To wear around the campsite
  • A beanie. Always.

– Other clothes

  • Good thick woollen or polyprop socks, to keep your feet comfortable and help stop blisters, and a spare pair for camp
  • Nylon shorts, no cotton. Something that will dry quickly, like stubbies, togs, or board shorts

Smaller essential things:

– Waterproof pack liner
– Mug, bowl, and spoon
– Head torch and spare batteries
– Blister tape
– Water bottle, 1l or more
– Personal medication
– Toilet paper

Trip dependent:

– A sunhat, the bigger the brim the better. Not necessary for low level bush trips, but essential for any trip on the tops in good conditions
– Sunscreen. Same as above
– Wraparound sunglasses. For snow travel in good weather
– Gloves or mittens. For winter trips, and anything with snow
– Thermarest or bed roll. For trips without a hut
– Gaiters. Come into their own off-track and especially on snow
– Overtrousers. Great in exposed conditions, and for sun protection on snow.

Not strictly necessary, but useful:

– Camera
– Insect repellent
– Pocket knife
– Lighter
– Emergency teabags
– Hand sanitiser

Borrowing Gear

Club Gear
Below is a list of all the gear that you can borrow from the club, we require a deposit of $50 and all gear is borrowed on the understanding that in the event that it is lost or damaged it is replaced promptly at the cost of the person to whom it is signed out. Replacing gear means we can’t get new stuff, so be honest!

Snow shoes
Ice Axes
Transceiver, Probe, Shovel sets
PLB (406MHz GPS Distress Beacons)
Tent Flys
Kovea Gas Stoves
First Aid Kits

See: for more info on hiring club gear