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Copland 2018 Premeet

24th - 19th August 2018

You're probably umming and ahhing about your mid semester plans. You are probably are still hungover from Bushball. Well, as a wise man once said, the best cure for a hangover is more alcohol (or a nice walk through the bush for that matter). We on the committee are proud to introduce you to COPLAND 2018. Bigger, better and with more antics! Want to sit in some hotpools sipping a cold beer, surrounded by snowy mountains? This is the trip for you. In between skinny dipping, drinking and making shit chat we will be doing a bit of walking - 7 hours into the Copland Hotpools. Other highlights of the trip will include: A party in a private pub, Jacob's small talk, a dip in the Blue Pools, glaciers, greenstone carving, glow worms, the owsome Otira gorge, Keas... the list goes on, not to mention more bus boogieing + shenanigans (as if I didn't embarrass myself enough last time). To attend you must have at least C+ banter, a sense of adventure, not be bothered by skinny dippers, know the actions to YMCA and pass the "Where should I poo" test (hint: in the toilet). Bonus points if you have something inflatable you can bring. Interested? Save the dates and keep your eyes peeled for a premeet email from Dan soon. If you're interested in helping to lead please get in touch with Dan at . Cost will be ~$190.

Here are some photos from last year to get you through the next couple of weeks!

We are also looking for a replacement Swede to fill the void in our lives left by Mats.

You're more likely to get a spot if you send me an application (or bushball banter) that I can put in Antics,


Copland organizers,

Sam Harrison (

Daniel Larkin (

Jacob Schonberger (

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