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Catlins Social Trip

With a total lack of planning and with Jacob and I at the helm the social Catlins trip began. In an new OUTC departure from the gearroom record only took 15 minutes, from there we tiki-toured south, visiting Nugget point, the old tunnel and Purakaunui Falls. After scaling the falls and improving everyones photos we headed to Purakaunui campsite for the evening. There was high participation in our Spring dip before we all scattered in search of firewood. Andy managed to get rejected by a local Sea-Lion, but not before discovering a stash of wood on the far side of the beach. It took two kiwi’s, a Frenchman and and Englishman to haul the heavy timbers back to camp. By sunset the fire was roaring and the group sat entranced by the dancing flames. Starting the gas ring I almost lost all the hair on my hand because someone had left the lines open, but other than that the night went smoothly. Conditions under the fly that night could only be described as moist but we were all hardy souls (other than Jacob). The agenda for Sunday included a cafe, Curio Bay and Slope point, before we headed back in the direction of home. Jacob’s managed to tick Niagra falls off his bucket list along the way, and a final stop was made at the Owaka pub for refreshments. The two vehicles of happy campers safely made it back to Dunedin by 8pm, exhausted by their adventures.

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