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River Crossing Training 2019

Hi Everyone,

The clubs annual Fiordland Trip is next weekend (15th-17th March), Fiordland is a great weekend spent traversing some of the best scenery in New Zealand. If you want to go, you need to know how to cross a river properly. To ensure this, the club will be running a river crossing course on the evening of Wednesday 6th of March at 5:30pm. If you want to come on the club trip to Fiordland you must attend this course. If you went on Paradise and you did the river crossing on Sunday, you do not need to come on this river crossing course.

To sign up to the course, please fill out this quick form:

Depending on the amount of people interested in coming on Wednesday we may need extra transport, so if you have a car and don't mind taking passengers could you please indicate that on the form (you will get petrol money reimbursed).

We will be leaving OUSA's rec building (84 Albany St) at 5:30pm and will head out to the Taieri River. We should be back in Dunedin around 7:30pm. You will need to bring:

  • A tramping pack. Fill your pack up with gear so its like what you would normally carry on a tramp. Put everything inside your packliner to keep it dry.

  • Boots that will get wet

  • Clothes that will get wet

  • A towel

  • Dry footwear (like jandles or sandals) and dry clothes to get changed into for the drive home (Please bring a plastic bag, or other bag to put your wet things in so we don’t have to mop up the bus or other people's cars afterwards

Note: this course is not limited to only those wanting to go on our Fiordland trip, if you want to have river crossing training but don't intend to go on Fiordland, then you are more then welcome to come along too :) The course is only for OUTC members and is free. If you know of anyone who is keen to come along to river crossing but are not members, tell them to sign up to the club at our meeting today from 5-6pm.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me.



"If you have a story about why you can't make it that day then I'll tell you a story about the guy who couldn't come on river-crossing and missed out on the Fiordland trip." - Joe OUTC Vice Pres 2013

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