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Makarora 2019 Premeet

Are you upset now that weekly climbing has finished and you can’t get your adventure fix anymore? Do you want to breathe that fresh mountain air, explore some beautiful scenery, and have fun on an adventure with new friends? Do you want this to stop sounding like a low budget daytime television commercial and get on with the good stuff? Well say no more because the OUTC Makarora trip is coming right up!

Where: Makarora!!! (Wanaka region)

When: Friday 12th (evening) to Sunday 14th April (not this weekend but the following one)

If you want to come, you MUST attend the pre-meet on next Tuesday 9th April at 7pm in Burns 2. The price is yet to be confirmed, but will likely be about $70. I’ll let you know the final cost before the pre-meet, and you’ll need to bring this amount with you to the pre-meet (either cash or credit card). We’ll cover the rest of the details at this meeting. 

How will you spend your weekend? We know how we’ll be spending ours; hopefully you can join us! 


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